This is the Pants.

2016. A fresh set of 'pants. The archives have once again been scuttled and the future is now(); and it most certainly belongs to the mad.

Oldmanpants are inexpensive, durable trousers made from polyester. Universal in their form and function they are just as at home on the tractor seat as the church pew or pub stool. Built to goddamn last.

The 'pants have traditionally been housed in a drawer with the socks on basic shared hosting at Host Gator and Dreamhost, but are now hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet. For the first several years the site was running on a hand built CMS but was later converted to Wordpress. The site is now running on a platform called Ghost.

None of that is important. What's important is that we managed to find each other through the power of Web. So sit down, shut up, and hang on, and on this roadtrip down the information highway we shall embark.