The most important survival skill one can learn.

Use Tipo '00' or all-purpose flour. In a conventional every-day home oven, prebake the crust. I'm cooking with gas and can get up to 550°, which is nice. Another thing to do is mix the dough early and do a cold proof. Stick it in the fridge over night.

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600g flour
500g water
2.5tsp yeast
2tsp salt
1tsp sugar
makes two 16" pies.

I'm using the fleischmann's traditional weaponized yeast. Mix it into ¼ cup warm water and set it aside for ten minutes. It should start doing it's thing.

Combine the flour, salt, and sugar in a bowl. A bowl on a scale.

When the yeast is ready, zero the scale and pour in the yeast and water mix. Add warm water to 500g. The water used to start the yeast is included in the total 500g. Mix it. By hand with a wooden spoon is fine, or a stand mixer.

Grease a large bowl with some olive oil. Just a bit. I use a silicon brush and glass bowl. Paper towel works but the brush is re-usable. Anyways put the dough in the bowl and cover it with a clean dishcloth for a few hours.

It has risen. Maybe stuck to the cloth. Dump the dough onto a well floured surface. The dough should still be sticky. Fold it a few times, making the outer surface a bit less sticky. Divide it into two and continue. You should be able to form a couple of nice dough balls that sort of hold their shape.

Now you can either stick those dough balls in a container and refrigerate over night (cold proof), or just roll them out. An overnight proof is worth it, but sometimes your need for pizza is more immediate.

Roll it out, toss it in the air if you want. Pan. Prebake if you want. Cover in watever you want, and bake some more. Use the broiler.

Now some pictures of pizza. I've got a couple hundred such pictures documenting the delicious progress made.


That right there is a french rolling pin. Only way to go. That gloriously glutenous bubble is from a cold proof.






I got these 16" aluminum pans from the super-store. They sell restaurant supplies. While you're there, pick up a round of Fruliano cheese. Melts nice and stringy and is easier on the digestive system than mozzarella.