OMP Approved

Oldmanpants Approved, and guaranteed to be good stuff. These are some great softwares for developing more softwares, and making all sorts of other things.

  • FreeNAS. It's built on FreeBSD and features ZFS. It's super. It's duper. You can build a great big NAS device with old hardware.
  • Gas Mask. Simple hosts file editor for Mac.
  • GIMP. Probably everything you actually need from Photoshop, without the Adobe. Loads fast, gets the job done.
  • GitLab. A web-based git repository manager with wiki, issue-tracking, and continuous integration (CI) features. Like everything great, you can self-host their community edition or use their hosted service for free (with private repositories).
  • MapBox. Custom maps for the web.
  • Matomo. Formerly known as Piwik, a web analytics software, so you can count your own hits without giving all of your and your customer's data to the big Guy.
  • OpenSCAD. A script-based 3d Modeling application great for parametric design.
  • Sketch. It's like Illustrator, but for web. And not Adobe. Great for designing responsive layouts.
  • Vagrant. Development game changer here. Spin up a fully configured VM with one command. Works with VMWare and VirtualBox.
  • Visual Studio Code. Hands down the most popular code editor in 2018.
  • ZeroTier. ZeroTier allows you to run a software defined virtual network. Perfect for connecting your development VMs or devices on different LANs. You can host your own Zerotier network controller, or use their hosted network controller for up to 100 machines. It's incredibly simple to install and use in any OS. Super useful on VMs and the Raspberry Pi.

Some other Essentials are Fritzing, Docker, Handbrake, OpenEmu, VirtualBox, and of course VLC.

Oldman Seal of Approval

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