Computer Advice

  • Jiggle the cable.
  • Blow in the cartridge.
  • Put it in rice.
  • Defragment the hard drive.
  • Install Directx10.
  • Degauss the monitor.
  • Rub an eraser on the contact points.
  • Press the ‘Turbo’ button.
  • Back up your data.
  • Remove the ball from the mouse. Clean rollers with cotton swab.
  • Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A
  • Replace the gum holding the antenna together on top of the phone booth.
  • Start in safe mode.
  • Replace the CMOS battery.
  • Let it cool down.
  • Let it warm up.
  • Put it in the freezer.
  • Put it back in rice.
  • Remove tab.
  • Be kind. Rewind.
  • Delete your cookies.
  • Update Java.
  • File->Add Printer.
  • Install Diskette 2.

Underscores: a WordPress Starter Theme Generator

Creating a custom WordPress theme can be a bit of a pain. Not with though… Enter a theme name (and some other info, optionally) and hit “generate”. A nice blank theme, including default styling for elements will start downloading in a zip file. Very slick, and a great starting point for building your own custom WordPress theme. You can find out more about the Underscores project in this Themeshaper post: “A 1000-Hour Head Start: Introducing The _s Theme”.

The lineage and continual development process of _s gives you what I like to call a 1000-hour head start. That’s the approximate number of design and development hours you get for free every time you use it in a project. Weeks and weeks of refinement by dozens of WordPress theme experts over several years that you don’t have to do.

CSS Media Queries are a Hack

Ian Storm Taylor tells us that Media Queries are the wrong tool for responsive design. What we really need is Element Queries.

Writing modular code is about making small objects, and making them self-contained. Media queries don’t let you do that. In most cases, you don’t actually care about the width of the entire document (or screen), you care about the width of your element.

Read all about how Media Queries are a Hack over at Ian’s site.