RuneAudio on Raspberry Pi

Some notes on setting up RuneAudio on a Raspberry Pi. It's really easy to get running if you are adding it to an existing network with ethernet. Just plug it in, go to runeaudio.local in a browser on your LAN and you can play your music and adjust settings via the web »

Briefs 12.01.1

What is Code? Butler. A classic serif typeface. T-shirts Unravelled. Size matters. Honey fences. You know, for elephants. Hand powered drilling tools and machines. Favico.js. Put badges on your favicon. Like a scout. Step by step making a telescope with John Dobson. A Pirate's Life for Me. Case studies in copy protection. »


Twelve years of Oldmanpants. Shit. I still don't know why I called it that. Or what it's for. I suppose it's just an outlet. Like where they pump raw sewage into the bay. Don't worry though, I'm not going to ramble on about my feelings (I have none). What will I ramble on »

This is the Pants.

2016. A fresh set of 'pants. The archives have once again been scuttled and the future is now(); and it most certainly belongs to the mad. Oldmanpants are inexpensive, durable trousers made from polyester. Universal in their form and function they are just as at home on the tractor seat as »